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Tim's Surgical Column


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Tim’s Surgical Column – Tales from a Caring Veterinary Surgery

Something Funny About this Funny Bone!

 Dave the cat was a happy go lucky chap, used to pleasing himself on his frequent trips away from home. He presented to us one Friday afternoon hopping lame on his right foreleg, which looked as though it had been twisted round, with the bottom of his paw facing upwards. Unable to bear weight on this leg, he was sore on palpation, particularly around his elbow and the lower part of his humerus (the ‘funny’ bone). Read more here.

 Sophie is a 3 year old English Bull Terrier and she had recently come under our care. Her owner had reported that she had sneezed for a little time over a year ago and had some discharge come down her nostril, her previous vet had given some antibiotics and both the discharge and the sneezing went away. However the sneezing and the discharge had come back again. Read more here.


September's Surgical Column candidate is Maisie, a plucky 10 month old Australian Terrier belonging to our very own practice manager. When Maisie reached 9 months old, she developed a condition known as Legg Perthe’s disease which affected her right hind leg, and which ultimately required surgery on her right hip join. Read more here.


Just a reminder to get those lumps and bumps checked out before they create too much of a problem; in May we were presented with a great big problem which needed some major surgery to sort out! Read more here.